Anna Aliena Envie de Voyager music video

Envie de Voyager: a travel music video

Have you ever heard me singing in French? I think you haven’t because I didn’t feel like sharing the music video “Envie de Voyager“ after I had made it in March last year. I only felt like travelling and that’s what I did. Although I had promised to release my EP Secret Garden on May 1st, I kept it locked in the closet. Dissatisfaction with my music or inferiority complexes were not the reason for my withdrawal from the scene – I simply wasn’t in the mood to produce myself and to show myself in public!

“Envie de Voyager“ is a very meditative song reflecting my love of travelling. Once again my video production led me to Croatia – in spring I visited Istria, Kvarner, northern Dalmatia and the capital Zagreb. In Pula, Rovinj and on the island of Pag my camera came to action.

Music video production in Croatia

In the video you can see the amphitheatre of Pula, among the six biggest Roman theatres in the world it’s number six. Especially the old town of Rovinj gave me a heart-warming experience: the picturesque harbour, the colourful houses and the narrow streets which have attracted numerous artists. I enjoyed the sunset at the beach, the clear blue sky and suddenly felt cured from my Berlin winter depression.

Anna Aliena Envie de Voyager

Credits: Anna Aliena / Go!Diva Records

I’m an extremely lucky person to be able to travel whenever I want. I’m not bound to high season when the beaches on Pag are packed with tourists. In Pag, the main town of the island, it was completely deserted during my stay even though the sun wouldn’t stop shining and the blue of the crystal clear Adriatic seemed much brighter than in summer.

During the video-making I had a great view on the harsh and bleak Pag landscape. As bura storms often blow from the Velebit mountain range, hardly anything can grow on the light brown rocks. Nevertheless, the turcquoise sea created a fabulous contrast I particularly enjoyed in that scenery!

Almost no Anna Aliena in front of the camera

Almost I wouldn’t have appeared in front of the camera. In those days costumes and make-up were so unimportant to me. Thus, I wore regular jeans, one of my usual everyday jackets without exposing my face to the lens. In fact, you might wonder if the Croatian tourist board had asked me to film a couple of places in Croatia for them, but nothing of that kind has ever happened to me. Now please have a look at the result and tell me your opinion in the voting below the video! By the way, the Secret Garden EP will eventually be released on March 26th. Really, I’m not kidding this time!

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