Secret Garden (EP)

Anna Aliena Secret Garden

Cover “Secret Garden”

She has usually released one EP per year. In 2017 Anna Aliena paused although she had announced to come out with Secret Garden on May 1. Now the singer and songwriter is eventually back from her personal retreat and five new songs will be available in the international online stores on March 26, 2018.

Her fans can expect multilingual music about dreams and travelling. The French opening track “Envie de Voyager“ lifts you to the clouds and takes you to the sea. Listening to track 2, „Tes Yeux Bleus“ (Your Blue Eyes), you can stay at the beach. Those who are familiar with Anna Aliena’s EP The Muse will recognize a French version of the German love song “Deine blauen Augen“ or “Tvoje plave oči“ in Croatian.

Track 3 is also very romantic: “I See You“ may be the best love song the classically trained mezzosoprano has ever written. The story has no happy ending, but happiness waits in a “Secret Garden“ (track 4). The grand final “Ich geh heim“ gives you a chance to indulge in poetic German lyrics. If your home country is cold and your place of residence seems like an enemy, you might develop a strong longing to leave it all behind.

Secret Garden: 5 mature songs to relax

Stylistically Anna Aliena has not returned to outrageous Swinging Berlin or extraterrestrial Alien Pop. In fact, her style has matured during her absence. The music on Secret Garden will appeal to your ears if you wand to relax and quietly enjoy sounds. If you look for fun in a sticky club or Berlin art cellar, this EP will possibly not be your cup of tea.

In March 2017 Anna Aliena produced a video of “Envie de Voyager“ at several places in Croatia. Be prepared for an “I See You“ clip at her YouTube channel in early summer!