Anna Aliena The Wall EP

The Wall by Anna Aliena: Don’t mind the language

Have you watched my new music video “Sanjam (Snovi lete)“ yet? It’s the fourth and last track on the brandnew Anna Aliena EP The Wall which was released TODAY! It’s available for download at Amazon, iTunes and other stores. Please don’t mind the language – I sing three of the four tracks in Croatian. You should be used to it by now. The first time I did it was in summer 2015 and somehow I wasn’t able to stop.

Quite a long time I suffered from a severe lack of inspiration. I wasn’t even in the mood to come out with my previous EP Secret Garden. Then I met the ambassador of … and suddenly I felt a strong urge to write the title song “The Wall“ which shall also be featured in a music video this year.

The ambassador between walls

My personal interaction with the ambassador lasted for a while, long enough to empower my creativity. “Ljubav ubija“ (Love kills) tells the outcome of the story of “The Wall“ which deals with invisible walls between people. Sometimes they are too thick to be torn down and sometimes people don’t feel at home “U ovom gradu“ (in this town). As a result they start dreaming of imaginary lovers (“Sanjam“, I’m dreaming) …

The cover of the Anna Aliena EP The Wall

Anna Aliena The WallIn January, when all the material was composed and recorded, I discovered a picture from my Zagreb adventures. I had taken it at the art park in December and somehow it reminded me of my feelings connected with the ambassador of the country I will not mention: colourful steps between two walls leading to a pair of crying eyes. What’s behind the wall? If you have no connection to the place, you have no idea that the stairs end at Strossmayer Promenade, a romantic patch for lovers I have always walked alone or with friends.

A strange encounter on an airplane

By the way, the story of the Anna Aliena EP The Wall has a peculiar sequel: When I was on an airplane last month, the ambassador was sitting in the row in front of me! Fate or just coincidence? He pretended not to see me, but after landing there was no chance to ignore me any longer. We changed a couple of meaningless words, the representative of the unnamed state blushed and grinned like a little boy from kindergarden. On our way to the terminal he avoided me. At least I will write a song about the incident sometime!

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