Buy, Buy For Christmas

Finally the Christmas season has started. Shopping centers in the cities and a huge mass of online shops lure us to buy as many Christmas presents as possible. They’ve been promising special bargains and disgusting discount codes to get our money. Of course, Christmas symbolizes love as long as you give what merchants love most: your salary. If you haven’t received a Christmas bonus from your employer, I strongly recommend you to look for a new job to purchase more presents in 2016!

Well, let’s change the topic quickly. In November 2013 I came up with a Christmas present for my fans. It’s a Christmas song called “Buy, Buy For Christmas” which was exclusively released at my Bandcamp site – FOR FREE! It not the typical Christmas carol like “Jingle Bells” or “White Christmas”, but my personal attitude towards the Christmas business.

For the video I filmed a couple of sequences at a gigantic shopping temple in Berlin. Some big brother must have watched me because a security guy suddenly appeared, asking me to delete the material. I pretended to follow his order and claimed to be an innocent village girl who had visited the majestic capital of Germany for the very first time in her life. By the way, the man is visible in the video! 😉

If you are religious, please don’t feel offended by the Jesus picture. God’s son has also been exploited as an idol for the Christmas money-make machine. Hardly anyone celebrates Christmas for the sake of Jesus’ birthday! Nevertheless, I wish you to be surrounded by your loved ones to feel happy and loved during the holidays. Indeed, it’s a very nice custom to give presents to other people if the presents come from the heart such as my song “Buy, Buy For Christmas”!

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